Studio 2 New Looks

My problem needs a bit of explanation. I have Windows 10 and use Topaz products as a plugin for an older version of Paint Shop Pro. I was using Studio 1 with the minimum system requirements of System RAM - 4GB and GPU VRAM - 1GB. I bought enough Pro Effects to qualify for a free copy of Studio 2.

On the plus side I find that Studio 2 loads and does things faster than Studio 1, I have the full set of effects and I have no problems using any of them other than having to be careful not to try out too many Remix effects in one session.

Now to the minus side. Topaz staff decided that the minimum system requirements for Studio 2 should be System RAM - 8GB and Dedicated GPU VRAM - 2GB. They then added some new Looks that my computer can’t handle. This means I can no longer view all the Looks without my computer freezing. I’m very annoyed about this. I’m guessing the Topaz staff didn’t consider the possibility that some of the people who bought Pro Effects were using Studio 1 with its minimum system requirements.

I’ve learned that unwanted Looks can be removed manually although they keep coming back with each update and have to be removed again. I’d really appreciate it if you could give me a list of all the new Looks which are extremely GPU intensive as AiDon put it. The only one I know of by name at the moment is Broken Bits in the Bright category. I know there are others because my computer has been frozen when I tried to view the Moody and Remix categories.

There were only two Looks which froze my computer. I’ll put the names and their folders here in case the information will be useful to anyone else. I’ve seen comments from other people who get crashed computers when trying to sort through Looks.

Broken Bits – Bright folder
Burnt Edges – Moody Folder