Studio 2 / Navigating in Mask

When finetuning a mask in Topaz studio 2 and the picture is enlarged to more than 160% there is no handtool anymore to be able to move around within the picture.

I’m at 250% and it is still OK:

Please go the Help-> Graphics info, press Copy and paste the info in this thread.

I had the same problem (my hand tool disappears as soon as I select a masking tool) Came up with the following work-around.
Say you are zoomed in and have masked something on the very left edge of your image. To now navigate to a spot say on the very right, click on the ‘Fit’ icon at the top (thus zooming out), then hover your brush over the spot you want to get to and scroll to zoom in (I use a mouse).
Hope you can understand what I’m trying to describe - no way to illustrate.

Don - I’m not sure you got Bernd’s problem - your image does not show a hand but the brush tool ring.

Sorry it was supposed to show but I didn’t notice when I snipped … just click on adjust, the Hand shows and you can move around then click on the Brush and paint


AIDON thanks. I just tried your tip and it works fine.

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Thank you Don - works fine for me too.

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