Studio 2 Missing Ai De noise, Adjust, Sharpen

I downloaded Studio 2 but it is missing Missing Ai De noise, Adjust, Sharpen.

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Those are External Plugins and the release notes said they will be included in later releases. In the meantime use Studio v 1.14.5 as they will co-exist.

sounds a bit -easy way out-- Studio 2 should not be released until all kinks are solved and all AI purchased are present and all other filters etc. purchased are present.
1/2 a new version is incomplete and therefore not to be put out to users and users be used as guinea pigs.

Respectfully, disagree completely. I’d much rather influence the program so long as it doesn’t destroy data.

I’ll be happily be a ‘guinea pig’ for a company that includes me in the growth of their software. Their releases are plenty stable and seeing them add features gives me associative memory to really know their product. It’s mine that way :).

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does the free upgrade to Studio 2 include all of purchased AI and filters( years of purchases )or does it change my old Studio to this unfinished product talked about so much?

Studio 2 is in addition to Studio 1 so you have both. It does seem to include all the free and purchased filters from the original. I can’t tell if the filters are part of Studio 2 or if they just include filters that were purchased (since I had purchased all of them) in the past.

With the exception of AI-Clear, I would think the answer to that is no. Because all of the AI-* products are stand-alone and would need to be accessed as external plug-ins (which is later TS-2 functionality) just like they presently are in TS-1. Again, with the exception of AI-Clear. So, the AI-* were not integrated into Studio-1 so I’m not clear why we would expect them to be integrated in Studio-2.

As far as filters, since the Studio-2 model has moved to flat-fee as opposed to ala-carte I would presume that if you get access to TS-2 you get all filters. Because TS-2 is not designed to be piece-meal as before (in terms of available filters).

Studio 2, which can run alongside Studio 1, includes all filters in Studio 1 such as AI Clear and AI Remix but no access to
any plugins yet.

If you own previous plugins or the newer AI ones you will be able to access them from Studio 2, as you do from Studio 1, in a future maintenance release. They are not included free as part of the new Studio 2.

So, I use sharpen AI a lot, it is rather unique as is gigapixel etc and I don’t see all my ai plugins in studio 2. Am I missing something. ??? also the crop etc tool being missing is a turn off.
I use studio 1 a lot and see no reason to switch to studio2 at this point.

With the exception of AI-Clear, the AI* products are accessed as external plug-ins. Studio-2 does not currently support external plugins; that is coming down the road.

There needs to be a Studio-2 FAQ somewhere as this is “frequently asked” to say the least.

FAQ (sort of)

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Why we need a Studio-2 FAQ


Boy, that looks good. I guess there is no timeline on any of the improvements. I would hope it would be without 30 days because studio 2 is like the beta of Adobe’s new desktop, lots of questions.

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