Studio 2 Look Category Sorting

I’m using it as a Paint Shop Pro Plugin.

I’m working my way through the Looks so I can add the ones I like to favourites. I’ve been trying to do it by Look categories. The Bright category froze but I was able to close Studio and go back to PSP. I then opened Studio again and Bright eventually loaded although it took a long time.

The next few categories loaded with no problem and then another category (can’t remember which one now) froze my computer.

After rebooting I tried again and managed to get through the last categories with no problem.

It was probably me trying to go through the categories too quickly or something but I thought I’d better report it just in case it’s a minor bug.

Make sure you meet the technical requirements outlined and that there are sufficient resources left by paintshop pro and that GPU drivers are up to date.

Difference between Studio 1 and 2 for me.

Studio 2 - Chose Tarnished Air as a look. Clicked on the icon to open the texture menu. Everything came up milky white and I got a message that Studio 2 wasn’t responding. Managed to close it. Tried to open it again but nothing happened. Closed PSP, started it again and this time Studio 2 loaded. Selected Tarnished Air again and clicked on icon to open texture menu. Milky white again but, after a while, the texture menu came up.

Studio 1 - After closing Studio 2 I didn’t restart PSP. Opened Studio 1. Had a go at looking through various presets using sort by favourites etc. No problem. Selected Tarnished Air again. Clicked on icon for the texture menu and it came up straight away with no problem.

I then experimented with other presets. The menus for altering various bits and pieces (texture, basic correction etc) also came up straight away with no problem.

Studio 1 - I can look through as many preset categories as I like with no problems.

Studio 2 - I can look through one Look category with no problem. When I try another look after that it’s slow to load. Trying a third category after that and it takes forever - spinning wheel, another couple of Looks load then the spinning wheel again.

I’ve experimented with this a lot of times since I made my original post. I don’t know why there’s this big difference between the two Studios where viewing Presets and Looks is concerned.

I’m using Windows 10.