Studio 2 - load last look on open

I am aware that the intent from Topaz is not to have batch processing in Studio as the vision is to focus on each individual picture.

While I am fine with that feature not built into Studio, I would like to see that the last look be applied on a file open as it was in Studio 1 - as for wildlife I do have a set of settings I apply to a series if they are taken in the same conditions (dehaze, clarity) for a baseline running an action from PS, and looking at the result to see about tweaking.

If the last was loaded on open, it would same time as it gives me a base line for my desired look, with the ability to tweak from one to the next instead of having to scroll to find the saved look in “My Looks” each time I open a new file for editing.

Love the tool, and this would be a tremendous time saver for someone that goes through hundreds of wildlife and airshow pics at time just about every weekend.



I agree. Or a Prefs option for users that wish to load “last Look”.


I’m either misunderstanding or I’m missing something, but I’ve never had the last look/effect/etc. applied to an image on opening - was that supposed to happen? I don’t think it’s something I’d like either.

It doesn’t happen…but, he wants it to happen ie automatically apply the last Look used (unless I’m mistaken). Kind of like some of the Legacy plugins did…remembered the last settings…until you cleared them.

That’s what I thought - but he said “I would like to see that the last look be applied on a file open as it was in Studio 1”.

Let me see if I can help/clarify, as I did leave one step out initially.

My process is I open from LR into PS, and then launch into Studio for editing post clean up in PS if needed. In S1 - I would select my filters and adjust to taste, and then when I hit [OK] it goes back into PS with the edits.

On the next photo, when I launch S1, it remembers what I applied previously to the photo before and apply it as an initial adjustment.

From a PS perspective, I could batch process by using the batch ability in PS, with just applying the last settings from S1 to the photos. Now, opening in S2 from PS will result in each photo having no filters applied.

For me if I have a string of photos that I want to apply the same adjustments to, this would help reduce time in editing. As now, I still have to open, find the settings I want to apply from the “My Look” area and then send back to PS - rinse and repeat. I also would use this as a base opening setting for air show photos that I would tweak with Masks and such, but have the initial settings loaded on each photo launch from PS to S1 was a time saver that I would love to see in S2.

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It would seem it works differently as a plugin with Affinity Photo.

In Studio 1, when it is used in free standing mode, the small “floppy disk” icon is marked Save. and if I click on that and OK the subsequent warning, it will overwrite the original image. Studio 1 remains open with the used “Adjustments” still in place, but when I then open another image, the Adjustment stack is automatically emptied.


When Studio 1 is used as a plug in from Affinity Photo, the small “floppy disk” icon is marked OK, and if I click on that, the image is returned to Affinity Photo and Studio 1 closes. On a subsequent call from Affinity, Studio 1 has to restart from scratch and doesn’t retain any of the previously used “Adjustments”


Does read like it works differently out of Affinty than PS