Studio 2 Limitations

I have downloaded and installed the Big Sur compatible version 2.3.2 of Studio 2. It runs fine, but it still seems far less useful than Studio 1. For instance, the number of presets under the Impression filter is only 8. In Studio 1 there are more than 100. Other filters seem similarly limited.

Why is this so?

Will it be changed or should I keep using Studio 1?

Filters take an age to populate the program. Topaz have limited them in TS2 so as to provide a speed premium when opening the software. There are enough members in the community now who share presets via Dropboxes etc. So you can customise your Studio.

So if I leave Studio 2 running will it automatically download more presets, or do I need to hunt down the ones I want online and download them manually?

Search these boards for preset dropboxes and google drive. Leaving Studio run longer will not populate it with extra presets.

I prefer Studio V1 where the presets are already populated and I can see them to decide what I like as a starting point. Having to go hunt for one or more on-line is a real step backward in usability. Plus, figuring out where to look on these boards is a problem in itself.

I’ll probably just stick with Studio 1.

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