Studio 2 - Lens Correction

I know Studio 1 has a Lens tool which can identify a wide range of cameras and lenses, and when set to auto applies automatic geometric lens correction.

Even if it Studio 1 doesn’t recognise a particular camera/lens combination, the tool has sliders to manually apply correction.

As some lenses can produce significant geometric distortion particularly at the wide end of their range, lens correction is an important part of the raw development process.

Which bring me to Studio 2. If it has automatic lens correction it doesn’t seem to be working, but then I can’t find a lens tool in Studio 2. Can it not do geometric lens correction?. Maybe someone could advise.

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Two days, and 45 have viewed this post so far, but not one reply. Surely some one knows whether Studio 2 has lens correction.

I wondered the very same thing, can’t seem to find lens correction in any Topaz applications.

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Studio 2’s handling of RAW images may have been “improved” but the lack of geometric lens correction precludes it from any serious use for RAW development.

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Lens Correction inside TS2 can be done using a Topaz Legacy product Lens FX

At an additional cost of USD $69.99 which translates to AUD $91.59 that wouldn’t be an option for me, particularly given the lens correction in Studio 1 works well on the images I have.

Also compare that price with the currently 50% discounted price of Affinity Photo of AUD $38.99.