Studio 2 isn't showing up as a plug in in LR Classic or PS 2020?

Installed Studio 2 on iMac with PS 20.1.1 and LR 9.2 OSC 10.14.6. The App isn’t available as a plug in in PS. It should show up in Filters but isn’t there. The topaz icon on the dock activates the old version of Topaz, which I don’t want to use.

I would like to remove all the old versions of Topaz Studio but won’t do that until Studio 2 works properly.

How do you set up topaz Studio 2 on both LR and PS so it works in the Edit In > in Lr and in the Filters > in PS?

I wonder if it’s a Mac issue. Which release of Topaz Studio 2 do you have installed (is it 2.3.1)?

I’m seeing the plugins for both Studio and Studio 2 from my Ps CC Filters menu list on my Win 10 PC…

Are you using Ps CC or some earlier (CS) version of Ps? Is there a reason you aren’t running the latest Ps CC 21.1.1 release? (Not that that should matter to the running of the Studio 2 program…).

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This guide in Topaz Help Center do only works with PS and Lightroom Classic. No help for Lightroom CC. What to do about Plug-in?

I read the opening in that link and it says:

" * Photoshop CC 2016-2020"