Studio 2 has a drawback / bug - doesn't remember the last set. S1 did

Hi ATharp and russelltarpley,

I discovered that Studio 2 (S2) has some serious drawbacks compared to Studio 1 (S1) when I use it as a plugin in Photoshop. S2 does not remember previous settings. Every time I start S2 I have to click the filter or “look” again.

In this sense, S1 is better. You can call it a bug, or a lack of functionality when switching from S1 to S2.

Studio 1 remembers the last filter setting.

  1. I call S1 from Photoshop and set some filters.
  2. Next “Accept” and I’m in Photoshop again and the image has been filtered.
  3. If I now load the next image and use “Last Filter → Topaz Studio 1”, then your S1 program will start, process the image automatically and exit to Photoshop. Cool.

In this way, you can even create actions based on the last S1 setting and process more images faster.

Meanwhile, Studio 2 can’t do it. I go through points 1 and 2. But there is a difference at point 3: S2 doesn’t remember the previous setting and just stops and waits for me to add a filter or “look” from the beginning.

So, using Studio 2, I can’t automate filtering more images.

Could you add / improve / restore such functionality from the S1 version in subsequent beta versions of S2, and then permanently in next production version S2, please?



Maybe other graphic designers or photographers don’t mind, but I do a lot of experimenting during tests, I’m also constantly looking for new combinations of your filters, which I set one after the other, and next, and next, so the lack of automation is a serious drawback.

Please raise a technical support request at the main website as this is a user to user forum and topaz staff don’t always drop in.