Studio 2 Focal Blur Filter

A couple of problems I am having with the Focal Blur filter in TS2.

  1. When using Focal Blur in TS2 I am having a problem with the grid which opens as a circle. I can change the location and shape of the grid to an oval to match the area that I want to remain in focus. This works fine. My problem is that if I exit the filter and then go back into the filter if wanting to refine the adjustments the grid reverts to a circle. The focus area stays the same as the inital adjustment until I attempt to make any further adjustment (Blur/Transition) then everything reverts to the circle grid. Don’t think it should work this way, TS1 did not. Cannot fine tune adjustments after inital application of the filter.

  2. The size of the squares used to adjust the shape and location of the grid change as the image is zoomed in or out. If you zoom out far enough the squares will acutally cover the image.

Anyone else have these problems?

Windows 10

I believe it is a known issue but raise a support request at the main website please as I haven’t seen the issue with the squares of the grid.

Thanks… Just completed the support request

An example of the squares.


That is interesting, mine doesn’t get any larger than this:

If I zoom out far enough the squares get big enough to cover the whole picture

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Yes, if I zoom OUT far enough then I see this, but I can’t see any practical purpose for zooming out to that extent whilst applying Focal blur, so it isn’t something that I’d be concerned about.
Maybe I’m missing something.

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