Studio 2 Filter Plug-in Update problem

I am using Studio 2 to edit the file from LR and I want to use the Sharpen AI plug-in under the filters tab within Studio 2. When the plug-in comes up, it says I am using version 1.4.6 and need to update. I select update and it takes me through a download process. When I go to the DMG to open it I then proceed to update the Sharpen AI standalone application and not the plug-in.

When I open the Topaz sharpen AI app is shows I am using the most updated version 2.1.3. However, when I go back into Studio 2 | open a file for edit | Then use the Sharpen AI plugin under filters; it shows I am still using the older version 1.4.6 and need to update again. Seems I am in a never ending loop. How do I get the plug-ins updated with the standalone versions or at least updated to what they should be?

Best regards, Michael

Sounds like you have more than one version of Sharpen AI installed just check if the older version is there and uninstall it. (Probably Topaz Labs folder instead of Topaz Labs LLC)