Studio 2 Delete every Look we don't want

I can only find the option to delete my own Looks or ones labelled as imported from TS 1. There are some Looks I’ll never use in a million years even if they are supplied by Topaz. I’d really like to delete them so it doesn’t take forever to sort through Looks.

If there isn’t a way of doing this is it possible to add this option in the future?

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I just looked at both the standalone and my Ps CC plugin versions.

I’m seeing the same thing you are. There’s a trashcan icon that appears on the “My Looks” with the option to do away with those looks. But not the general ones.

Seems like it would require some fancy schmancy coding (of course I have no clue how to program…) to ensure:

1- Any one individual’s deletions of general “Looks” didn’t nuke Looks for everyone else using Studio 2
2- That whenever there’s a Studio 2 program Update the deleted general Looks that any one user got rid of don’t re-populate as a matter of course in the update
3- That users who change their minds (and artistic styles) over time and think, “Hmmm, maybe it would have been nice to use that deleted Look just this one time…” could grab the Look they previously deleted from some general Looks digital catalog somewhere.
4- etc… to the nth

Having a local cache dir (eg per system, per user) that created a “Look-XYZ” stamp-file for every Look that had been “deleted”, and should therefore not be shown, should not be very difficult. And then un-deleting that Look could be a simple matter of deleting the marker file. Having this hosted on the server-side would be more complex, but…aren’t they already tracking what your “Favorites” are? So, this could be a matter of them also managing a “Hide” list I would think. Devil is always in the details, but this seems imminently doable.

Of course you can manually do that now as you can see where I have deleted the “Earthy” looks and all except 2 of the “Bold” looks.


One issue that you would face is that updates will overwrite the existing Looks with the new installation and it would be difficult to implement a “hide” function because the looks are currently read and populated from the Local AppData directory. If it were a database implementation it would be easier to manage because individual Looks could be flagged as hidden and therefore would not be used.


Yes, that’s what I was figuring would likely happen - per my note. You confirm it!

In your manual del. mode can you retrieve the looks if you’re so inclined? Or would you have to un-install and re-install Studio to do so?

Just retrieve from the folder to moved them to. Typically you would keep the removed looks in the same folder structure as the appdata but in a backup folder of your choice.

Also note that you don’t need to exit the program while removing or adding Looks. It is very simple unlike the earlier Topaz plugins.


Good to know! I would have assumed that for adding it was like installing s/w - where you’re supposed to have the program closed. Good to know there’s more flexibility now than with the earlier plugins.

Okay, so now I have to try to ‘stump the lump’ (as it were…). So if/when the earlier plugins get added into the TS 2 structure will that approach still hold? :thinking::wink:

So, you would need to redo this after every update? If so, that’s a big inconvenience that needs a programming solution.


Perhaps that could be looked at when hopefully they provide the means to move Looks to another location away from the system drive .

Sure, but it would also depend on Topaz implementing a solution so this is an interim measure you can take.

Add all the LOOKS you like and will use to your Favourites List - then you will see only those you like :slight_smile:


I’ve got a slight problem with doing that at the moment. I need to upgrade my computer and can’t afford to do that yet.

I can view all my favourites (many brought over from TS1) and my own Looks with no problem. When it comes to sorting by categories, though, it freezes my computer so I have to restart it. Trying to View All causes the same problem. It loads everything starting with A but won’t load anything from Broken Bits onwards. My computer freezes again.

I’m guessing that AiDon means moving unwanted Looks from the AppData folder but there’s no point in doing that yet when there’s going to be another update in a couple of days. I’m hoping that being able to get rid of all unwanted Looks will stop my computer from freezing up again. (If I start with unwanted Looks beginning with A I should see Broken Bits and more load so I can get rid of more unwanted Looks etc)

What’s really odd is that trying to sort Looks by the AI Remix category freezes my computer but I can use AI Remix with no problems. I’ve even got a couple of AI Remix Looks in my own Looks but I can load my own Looks with no problems as I’ve already said.

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Further to the previous post of mine. After a lot of research (I’m a technomoron) it seems that I’ve only got 4GB system ram and 1024 MB on a dedicated GPU. However -

  1. I don’t work with large files because my finished photos go on DeviantArt or are shown off in the Studio 2 Facebook Group.

  2. I can use all the Studio 2 effects with no problems. (A lot of the time, though, I use the original Clarity, Impression and Texture Effects plugins.)

  3. I can even use Adjust AI. It can take up to a minute for all the presets in each category to load but Adjust AI hasn’t frozen my computer yet.

I don’t want to go to the expense of upgrading my computer just so I can view all the Studio 2 looks I’ll never use.

Then as stated on their requirements page you’re not going to have a good experience with Studio 2. The bare minimum to run the program is 8GB RAM and 2GB VRAM but they recommend 16GB/4GB for it to run smoothly.

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I can understand Studio 2 screaming and fainting when trying to load every available look but I can’t understand why it does this when asked to look in Categories. I’ve been doing some experimenting -

  1. My Looks and Favourites load with no problem

  2. Abstraction and Bold load with no problem

  3. Bright freezes my computer. Studio 2 also freezes when going through All Looks - it happens when it comes to Broken Bits which doesn’t load. I checked the AppData folders and Broken Bits is in the Bright category. I’m wondering now if any Looks are corrupted or whatever the correct term is.

Broken Bits is extremely GPU intensive as you can see it has 3 Stylistic filters …

I’ll try removing it from the Bright folder after we’ve had all the updates for Studio 2 otherwise it will keep coming back going by what you said in a previous post. There are probably more GPU intensive Looks as well which I’ll discover by trial and error.

Not being able to view all Looks doesn’t make Studio 2 unusable for me. I can do what I want with it as long as I avoid searching by Looks.

I checked the system requirements for Studio 1 and it appears that my computer qualifies. It can be very slow but it’s never frozen my computer. I’m a bit annoyed that Studio 2 now needs double the RAM and GPU requirements because upgrading will cost a lot more than if I’d bought Studio 2. (I qualified for a free copy because I’d bought enough Pro effects. )


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A potential work-around to trim unwanted Looks and avoid them reappearing after updates.

~ remove unwanted tpr files from Looks folder/sub-folders

BEFORE updating TS2…(each time):

~ zip/rar your (trimmed) Looks folder and copy that to a safe place.
~ update; you will get a new Looks folder afaik
~ move/rename (new) Looks folder
~ unzip trimmed Looks backup folder above (make sure you’re in correct parent folder)

Seems to work ok for me in limited testing…and no need to re-do after every update; would have to manually add any newly added Looks from subsequent updates (if any).