Studio 2: (Canon) raw file handling

There is something wrong in how Studio 2 is importing/handling Canon raw files (.CR2). Once imported, the files are very dark and seem to lack correct colour information that cannot be corrected in HSL. All my other Topaz products remain unaffected in how they handle the raw files. I attach screen shots from Studio 2.2, Sharpen AI, and Studio 1 for comparison. My workaround is to first process the file in one of these other programmes - but this adds significant time to my work flow.!

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I suspect that TS does not yet fully handle RAW format. I believe that it is on the roadmap!!!


Jack’s right, TS2 does not support raw. Not that it tells you ‘This file is not supported’, or anything simple like that.


Use Canon Software to export as TIF.

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Open In Photoshop Use Topaz There.