Studio 2 as Editor and Layers

If I start in Lightroom, and use Studio 2 as an external editor, will we still get layers / non-destructive editing for the photo? Or is the only option being that the edited photo comes back to Lightroom as a Tiff file, edited, so that we cannot re-adjust our editing layers?

Lightroom will not recognize Topaz Project files which are re-editable so, currently, the only way is to save the image as a project file from Studio and continue to work on that.

There are no layers in Topaz Studio 2 yet …
We long-term users of Studio still approve of Version 1 - which does have layers and a quirky layout we have become quite endeared to.

Asking when Topaz will get to the end of its current roadmap has turned into asking how long is a piece of string?

However, seeing as Studio Version 1 is such a fantastic product, many of us are patient enough to wait for Topaz to deliver up the goodies. And perhaps even have another child … :slight_smile:


When you say “no layers” it only refers to including external images in the work … Studio 2 actually has layers as all effects applied are in separate layers,

Yes, you can only have Adjustments as Layers, and cannot place another photo into the Layer Stack.

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I still use TS 1, some things work better. And I can work with more than one photo at the time, I just open several of them at the same time and work on each one. For me it’s still my product of choice. Ai Clear, just to into my own perspective still works better in TS 1, than in TS 2.