Studio 2 and smart object

I use smart objects as part of my workflow. What I have found is that when I add an adjustment layer above, it goes back into Studio 2 as expected. However it does not hold on to the adjustments I had made the first time through. Am I missing a step or is this something that needs a feature request?

Thanks in advance!

Switched to Product Feature Request section.

I also use Topaz Studio 2 as a smart filter from Photoshop. It would be really nice if Studio 2 saved its state, so that the next time I open it from the same Photoshop document, all the settings are unchanged, even if I quit Photoshop and then re-open the Photoshop document.

For example, I run Topaz Studio 2 as a smart filter, add AI Clear, set opacity to 0.50, and click Accept. Back in Photoshop I double-click the Topaz Studio 2 smart filter. When Studio 2 opens, I want to see AI Clear open with opacity still set to to 0.50, but it actually looks like Studio 2 is being opened for the first time.

I know it is possible for Photoshop plugins to save their states because Skylum Luminar and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 do so when used as Photoshop smart filters.

Do any of the newer Topaz filters work properly as smart filters like the old ones did? Maybe Topaz doesn’t have the programming expertise any longer or maybe they just don’t care.

Yes, I am concerned about that too. If not implemented within the next update I’ll leave Topaz as a customer. They just ignore this basic issue-

Have you tried it, I just opened a image using ACR in CS6 as a Smart Object … and then applied DeNoise these were the applied settings:


Then after Applying an update in ACR to the original, the DeNoise smart object was re-invoked and this appeared …


Looks the same to me but you guys are obviously the PS experts so try it.

So what I can see is that DeNoise works as a smart filter but Studio 2 doesn’t.

It was Studio 2 that was brought up as the issue, not Denoise. So, not being a user of Denoise, this doesn’t really help me other than to show that Topaz still has the expertise to code smart filters correctly. Now if they would just work on the S2 coding…

Well you did ask.

If you read a couple of posts up from my answer you asked if any of the newer filters work as smart filters so i answered that.

Studio 2 has not yet been updated because it is much more difficult due to the fact that Studio can call external Topaz Plugins.

If you look at the roadmap it may help you see what is in the pipeline …

Providing some context:

So yes, I’m glad they can still code but I’m not happy that S2 does not share the capability, which makes it rather pointless to use as a smart filter. Maybe Topaz should just block S2 from being called in such a scenario until such time as it can perform as expected.

From PS you cannot block a filter from being called as a “Smart Filter” it is purely a PS concept and attached to a smart object.

So, in fact, if you have a image as a smart object any filter you apply will be called a smart filter.

ANd, this is a feature request thread …

As of what PS version? In CS3 and CS5, both of which I keep active to support legacy plugins, there are a number of filters that become grayed out when the active layer is a smart object. I suppose it might be PS that’s flagging those filters as incompatible but I can’t be sure. Too bad S2 isn’t handled the same way.

I think I’m done with this conversation. It doesn’t appear to be leading anywhere. Thanks.

Interesting. I just did the same thing: opened a NEF image using ACR, then opened in PS CS6 as a Smart Object … and then applied DeNoise AI ver 2.3.6, and applied back to PS. The layer was clearly updated with the DeNoise process. The DeNoise smart object was re-invoked, but the settings were not changed from the default.

Wondering why it would work with your set-up and not mine. Running windows 10.

Have no idea but that was a while ago, I’m not sure what you mean by opening in ACR as if you open a RAW image in CS6 it opens ACR to process it unlike newer versions of PS that allow ACR to be used as a smart object.

Thanks for the quick response. I realize your original post, which a response to another question, was some time ago, and things may have changed. I just purchased Topaz and trying to integrate it into a workflow. In your original post you mentioned CS6, which caught my eye because it’s what I’m using (not planning to convert to CC). Please let me clarify:

Open NEF image in PS CS6, which brings the image into ACR. After making any changes in ACR, open in PS as a Smart Object. I assume this is what you were doing in your test. (Alternate: Open PS, file > open as Smart Object. Image opens in ACR, click Okay, and the image opens in PS as a Smart Object - same result).

Whether or not a duplicate smart layer is made makes no difference. I edit the smart object in filters > Topaz > DeNoise AI, then click Apply when finished. PS layer updates okay. When I re-invoke DeNoise AI from the layer, the initial adjustments are not saved. In your example they were saved. Just wondering what is different. Tried Adjust AI with same result.

You are right it no longer opens with the last applied parameters from CS6 when clicking on the Smart Object but opens with the 15/15 default, you can try raising a support request at the main website but I do caution you that CS6 is not supported so it may not be possible to correct this issue because they are using later libraries for the plugin support.

I think I found a work around. You have to use the save the look feature for your picture. So when you open topaz studio as smart object filter, you apply the look that you saved and you have the settings back that you used. Not a perfect solution, but seems to work for me.