Studio 2.3.1 rotates vertical orientation to horizontal

Well, I though when the Studio 2.3.1 install went off without a hitch that all was well, WRONG.

When opening a TIFF/16 bit image with a vertical orientation, Studio 2.3.1 decides on its own to change it to a horizontal orientation with no way to fix it back to the original vertical without opening in a different application to fix the PROBLEM.

Nothing else has changed in any apps or work flow except 2.2.x to 2.3.1 and unfortunately I did the install a couple days ago and only finally started using Studio in a serious manner. In addition, since Studio does not allow a parallel install of newer versions, I cannot easily just revert back.

Please raise a support request at the Topaz Labs website including uploading the image to a sharing sure such as Dropbox so they can investigate the issue you are having. Also include the name of the application you used tho create the TIF file.

I also edited your unnecessary comments as it seems you are the only person with this issue.

I don’t think OP is the only person with this issue. I can reproduce it, both with an 8-bits tiff and (as OP) with a 16-bit tiff. Opening the tiff file (which in my case is a portrait developed in DxO PL3) in Topaz Studio 2.3.1 (Mac OS 10.14.6) rotates the portrait 90° CCW.
I can even demonstrate that a jpg-file developed from the same RAW in DxO PL3 is rotated to the left in Studio 2.3.1. We have a problem.

Please submit the image so the devs can check the EXIF.

How shall I submit? And what is required? The tiff, or the jpg file, both produced by DxO PL3?

That is exactly the scenario that I have. Also, all the other apps I open the file in keep the proper orientation and do not alter it: Affinity Photo, Adobe Bridge, Photos, Preview, Microsoft Edge Mac, Safari, EasyHDR3, Topaz Adjust (v1.0.5), Topaz Studio 2.2.0.

LesC, if you use Time Machine, you can easily revert back to 2.2.0 by just reverting the app since Topaz doesn’t seem to scatter their install across all creation like some vendors.

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Submit at the Help website, using the Submit a Request:

Just upload whatever image file doesn’t rotate properly so it can be checked to see if the EXIF is correct. If it is to large, use a site like DropBox and upload there and send the link.

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Thanks AiDon, I have submitted a problem JPG file.

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Thanks, Woodmeister. I have tested a tiff & jpg generated by Affinity Photo and indeed: you’re right. No rotation. It looks like something between DxO PL and TS2.3.1. I can roll back, if necessary, but I did this test in the first place to confirm your observation.

2.31 does same thing for me also.

Can you provide an example to check, upload to a fie sharing site and post the link here.

Hi Don, an example to check? the raw file itself?

Yes that would be fine or, if you opened a processed image i.e. JPG or TIF etc, the image passed to Studio.