Studio 2.3.0 More than just a disappointment

The most basic of photo editing functions, open a photo, select the Basic Adjustment filter and tweak the exposure, and straight away it’s obvious the histogram no longer works, Absolutely no change even if the exposure slide is taken the full way from max to min. How on earth did that get past testing. And yes I’ve submitted a support request (218314).

On to another common function, the crop tool. Despite support requests 188240 and 2002137, back and forth correspondence since August 2019, and an assurance from Eric Lowery that it would be fixed in this update, it still has the same problems.

With Studio 1 could access all my “legacy” Topaz plugins. When Studio 2 first appeared it didn’t have that capability, but my understanding was that would happen later. Well Studio 2 still doesn’t support other than the AI plugins. Perhaps my understanding was wrong, but that alone, for me, makes Studio 2 a poor cousin to Studio 1, even without the other issues.

Very disappointing.


Please raise a support request at the main website.

That was never on the roadmap.


This is an extract from a response from Ben Balmaceda (Topaz Support) on August 29th, 2019, reference Support Request 189658.

Hey Ian!

We’re aware of Studio 2 not opening the right plug-ins and we’re actively working to get that fixed! We’re also working on getting the rest of our plug-ins working in Studio 2 as well, the AI apps there now are just the start!

That’s seems pretty clear to me.

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As I said in my post, have raised 218314

I believe as the 32bit plugins are no longer supported as of last year that may not happen.


Not sure what you are getting at there.
Denoise 6, Remask 5, Simplicity 4, B&W effects (and B&W effects 2), Clarity, Delpeg and Restyle all have 64 bit plugins, and those plugins work with the latest version of Affinity Photo ( just released.

Would have expected Topaz would have been able to get Studio 2 to work with their own 64 bit plugins, but then I expected they could fix the crop tool, and that didn’t happen.

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I agree. If other ISV editors can work with most/all of the Topaz Legacy plugins it would seem very embarrassing that Topaz Labs cannot do the same.