Studio 2.2

I have Studio 2.2 installed. I understand an update to 2.3 is available but when I check I am told my software is up to date. Is there an update available?

I experienced the same thing: I have read everywhere that there’s an update to 2.3, whilst being told that the software is up to date.
You need to go to and download Mac or Windows version from there.
Attention: installation is not very straightforward, but I managed (on Mac) to install 2.3 at:
Applications/Topaz LLC/Topaz Studio 2
and when asked where to put user content (?), I made a new folder inside Topaz Studio 2
so that’s Applications/Topaz LLC/Topaz Studio 2 ƒ

Everything seems to work fine, so I would say: go ahead! :slight_smile:

Thank you. What a very odd state of affairs :slight_smile:

My first attempt worked. So should yours, but indeed: a very odd state of affairs! :wink:

Presumably I have to manually uninstall the 2.2 version, Les? Am also on Mac.

Yes, uninstall v2.2 before installing v2.3.

Did the 2.2 uninstall first. Restarted Mac and 2.3 installed without issue. However no presets or looks are included in the 2.3 install?

I did not uninstal before updating.
Looks are present; where should I look for presets?

Add a filter and right at the bottom of the right hand column you’ll see a Presets section.

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Thank you, Paul. Presets are present!

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Not here they are not:


You may have installed Studio into a different folder or drive (which I also did). You need to find the looks from the previous install and copy them over to the new Looks folder. Here is where my new Looks folder was located on my D drive. I copied them from my C drive to this folder. I’m not sure why the install made it several levels deep but it doesn’t matter.