Studio 2.2.0

Downloaded and installed OK - eventually! Phew! Please don’t say you are going to move all your AI products over to this method, they take long enough as it is, and what with the continual stream of updates there’ll be no time left for editing photos! (That’s what your apps are for, in case you’d forgotten.)

The ‘Time remaining’ indicator oscillates wildly between 3 and 15 minutes which the old installer never used to do, I think some damping is required there.

Doesn’t handle raw, images are dark and uneditable, and there’s still no facility for multiple layers so cannot be used with Mask AI. Come on guys and girls, get your fingers out. Instead of all this namby-pamby in-house computing efficiency stuff, you are losing sight of what your apps are for and progress on them has all but stalled.


We in Britain are “having our fingernails pulled out” by all the Shenanigans of Brexit!!! It is a shame that Topazlabs are doing the same - but with plugins!!! :slight_smile:

I for one, believe in Topazlabs. So far Brexit has not “sent me in a straitjacket and into a padded room”; but speaking for myself, I am not sure that the wearying delay on Studio will keep me from such a state :smiley:


RAW is currently unsupported and they are looking to improve it but the current advice is to use another RAW editor, produce TIFFs and use those in Studio. There are a couple of free ones along with Camera specific ones.

Ray, I think you are on a MAC. In Windows the download and installation worked fine for me. However I agree with you on the multiple layers missing. RAW files I have never used in Studio, so this is not an issue for me, but I understand your point.

I just do not update because I know there will be so many more in such a short time, because Topaz does not perfect the releases before doing so (imho). However, saying that, after not updating Sharpen AI for many of them, after reading the Changelog before I updated, I did in fact do so, and I am impressed, to a point. There are still too many artifacts occurring and other abnormalities. But for the purpose I needed Sharpen AI tonight, it did the job in the area I needed.

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I used one before raw photos in Studio In sone were darker like in night shots.

@Mond You want copy of my night shots 2.1.0 darkened my night photos.

I have relatives there and my grandfather was from wales.What I see is what is called loony left in England people trying to bring in the U.S. A House didided can’t stand.Topaz Labs did not charge for upgrades unlike ONOne.They gradually produced new plugins. You have any night England photos.

Then why does it open the damn things? Ridiculous.

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Somewhat similar experience to Mond in moving from 2.1 to 2.2. Windows 10; Lightroom latest version.
Initial download went well. Twice tried to invoke v2.2 from Lightroom and got repeated message that installation wasn’t finished; so I press “OK” and revert to that repeated message – can’t even open v1.1 anymore. Discovered a new Program Folder called \Program Files\Topaz LLC| which hadn’t existed before to my knowledge and to which Lightroom’s “Edit in” hadn’t adapted.
Finally used Revo Uninstaller to erase Studio 2 completely; downloaded afresh from my User Account and it now seems to work.
But, folks, it just shouldn’t be this much trouble. Way too many issues since the up/down-grade to Studio 2. I’m spending far too much time figuring out the “new” product after I finally got accustomed to Studio 1.x. I’d far rather be complimenting you on the “new/wonderful” features than recording my frustrations as I am at present. 40 New Looks would be more helpful if I knew what they were and how they fit in to the various Filters. As for the "new installer’, you can see above how well (NOT) it worked for me.
And, when can I expect to add “New Image” layers so I can, say; integrate Remask, add my own texture layers without having to import them first into Textures, etc?