Studio 2.0.4 Custom Preset/Look problem

I have a Custom Look - which I name Torcelllo-Rostami Xtra TS1. I append two pictures - one where I adjust the Impression settings alone; and the second which has the same Impression settings, but I move the AI Remix Opacity from 100% to 50% - and then back to 100%.

As you can see, the results do not marry.

This Custom Preset may be found in my DropBox

Impression Settings Adjusted - AI ReMix Settings - no change.

Impression Settings Adjusted - AI ReMix Settings - dropped to 0% then back to 100%

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Hi Jack, just a suggestion try dropping the opacity on Edges also. I think that is the cause here because more of the Edges are showing and it seems to have been adjusted in the second.

I have seen also issues with Radiance as you can see here … original image and then when I turn the visibility off and on again:

Then off & on:


Jack, I also found that sometimes changing one filter (and then going back to same settings) results in a different image … also if I changed the order of filters and then moved them back I could not get the initial image … hmmm