Studio 2.0.11 question

I just downloaded studio 2.0.11, and have not had a chance to work with it. However, I did notice that you have a new category for plug-ins. Are we to assume that only the new AI plug ins will be added here, or will all Topaz plug ins be included? I do notice that some effects from plug ins are carried over to the “looks” screens in topaz 2, but in no way is this a full representation of what the actual plug ins were capable of doing. Hopefully the plug ins category will not be limited to just the NEW AI plug ins

That remains to be seen…


I got the Studio update, but somehow missed the release notes. Are they on this site or FB? Everyone always seems to know when new releases/features are coming and I often wonder how they know since not posted on the beta testing site. So wondered if it’s via FB…

Studio Release Notes


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Ah ha!

I’m used to being spoonfed the rel. notes in the beta releases. Will chk the Help menu for the commercial prods.

Thx. Caught up in volunteer work that feels more like work work right now… Will look at Topaz stuff later.

No one here will know as it is a user to user forum. You can try asking through the support section of the main website.

In an email response received from Topaz Support in relation to my support ticket 189658, Ben Balmaceda (Topaz) said

“Aug 29, 1:51 PM CDT
…We’re aware of Studio 2 not opening the right plug-ins and we’re actively working to get that fixed! We’re also working on getting the rest of our plug-ins working in Studio 2 as well, the AI apps there now are just the start!”

That’s positive news


Thanks! I guess that answers my question!

That’s good to know about more plugins coming.

But the wrong product was being opened from the Topaz Filters menu in Ps CC too. Not just within Studio 2… I realize you are quoting Topaz Spt. I hope they fix everywhere.

I don’t use Photoshop any more, or Lightroom, and I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t comment on issues with those.

Studio 2 v2.0.11 works here on Windows 10 as a plugin with Affinity Photo and as an external editor with ACDSee. All of the Topaz products I had working as plugins with Affinity Photo still work as plugins after the update the Studio 2 v2.0.11.

The particular support ticket I quoted was raised only about the issues I was personally experiencing on my system, which were the link in Studio 2 to DeNoise AI opening Sharpen AI, and a query as to whether the plugin capability was going to be expanded to include the older Topaz products.

I posted the response I received because it was relevant to XiaoLin’s post

It’s unfortunately obvious reading the forum posts that there are other issues also being experienced following the Studio 2 update and hopefully those who have experienced them have raised their own support tickets.

Yes, I am on a Win PC also.

And, reinforcing solely that DeNoise AI opens Sharpen AI. But I was also responding to the feedback shared above from someone who heard from Topaz Spt.

My comment for Topaz to be aware of is they can’t just fix that problem in Studio. That’s not enough.

Some coding link is fractured. DeNoise opens Sharpen in other instances too! Like from the filters list - of Ps - which is not a part of the Studio filters. Or, in Affinity, etc. ie, It is not just a Studio issue… a bigger bandage is needed. :adhesive_bandage: