Studio 14.5 - Save All hangs Studio

I tried SAVE ALL - there were 4 pictures on the film strip - I clicked Save All - and it just hangs.

WIn 10, Ryzen 8 core CPU, RTX GeForce 2070, 64Gb memory

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Sorry this won’t help, but I’ve been getting the same, as have several other Topaz users on Facebook.

Still no solution to my support ticket #178841 logged with Topaz Support on the 11th June. So I’m still without Topaz software.

" Whenever I use any of my user presets in Topaz Studio, and then try to exit, Topaz Studio crashes and Task Manager says it is Not Responding. The screen then goes all white or black. I then have to go in to Task Manager and end both Topaz Studio and Photoshop"

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