Studio 1.8.5 freezes

I was using the matte detail slider (digital frames), and the blue progress bar stopped/froze. It did allow me to cancel out and go back to Affinity Photo, Win 10-64bit.

I have the same problem, checked the task manager and Studio is using over 1200 mb of memory.

Windows 10 64 bit Studio 1.8.5

Same problem. I get to a certain point, then nothing. Previews don’t load. None of my adjustments work, none of my plugins. Uninstalled and reinstalled, made no difference. Can’t even exit the program normally now. Have to use control-alt-delete to exit. . :frowning:

Ran the Win 10 compatibility checker, and it says Topaz Studio is not compatible on Win10.

Strange - there are plenty of us running Studio quite happily on Windows 10.

Yep…I know. I was one of them until this update. Today I’ve removed Studio, and uninstalled/reinstalled, as stand-alones, Texture Effects and Impressions. They are working just fine, as are my plug-ins through Fusion(BW Effects, Detail, etc). I did remove Adobe CC(LR/ PS) this past week, adding PaintShop Pro Ultimate, so maybe all of that gummed up my system somehow. I dunno, though. EVERYTHING is working fine except Studio. I hate to let it go…such a neat program.

It would help to have any error messages if any, as well as specs of the PC that is running Topaz Studio.
See this link for requirements to run Studio successfully.

I had no error messages. Studio just froze. Couldn’t exit the program. Had to use contrl/alt/delete. My computer met specs. All other Topaz products and other editing software are working fine. As was Studio until a few days ago.

This is what it looked like when it froze.

No error message just freezes when hovering over textures in digital frame Matt section.

Windows 10 64 bit, every thing latest updates, graphics card above minimum spec.

@lizabtha & @carlt since this is a user to user forum it would be best if you contact support at for assistance with your issues.

EDIT: Topic moved to Topaz Products - Technical Support section

Yup, did that. No resolution. Had a ticket opened and everything. Hoping maybe someone here would have a tip or hint. Oh well.

Installed version 1.75, and it seems to be working quite well.