Studio 1.5.3 Wiping Out LR GPS Data On Save

Send an image to Studio from LR, edit it, and then SAVE. The GPS data in the TIFF file (which was still there when LR created the file for Studio) is wiped out.

Noticed the same thing…
But is is more than my GPS info. It wipes all EXIF and IPTC information at times. So all camera, settings, keywords, GPS, and other info is gone.

There is some inconsistency, though. From looking at my files, it does not happen all the time.
I just tested it again. saved 6-7 times Sent a file with both keywords and GPS coordinates through Studio, applied multiple funky, random edits, saved, and synced the new files back into Lightroom. Both Keywords and GPS were still in some of the edited files. But two of them, one saved as TIF and another as PNG had no EXIF or IPTC data afterwards.

Not sure what conditions are needed for all the metadata to vanish.

I, too, have discovered since posting that it is inconsistent.Have also been trying to figure out the circumstances that cause the data to be dropped. Thought, at first, it was a result of just certain adjustments, but that idea doesn’t seem to be holding water. I have one file - out of a dozen this morning - that retained the data in the TIFF.