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I’ve edited 20 photos and the program hangs on Processing the first photo.
Is there anyway to save my edits? I’m pretty unhappy to re-do all this work if I have to reboot.

I’ve Paused Processing and closed the window and tried to just process one photo of the 20, but it still hangs.

I’ve been using the program on this Mac for a couple years without a problem.
M1 Max MacBook Pro 64gb ram, drive only half full, 500gb free space

Topaz Photo AI 2.3.2

I don’t know how to save the logs from Photo AI. There is no Help->Logging on my version.

I found the logs, but I’d rather not post the file publicly

Restarting the app worked but I had to re-do all the masks.
Then, today it hung again, but it didn’t even start processing.
Also, I couldn’t not select an individual item to process, it was stuck on all selected not matter what I tried.
More time lost…

I am having the exact same issue. Have several panoramas, imported about 25 into Photo AI. Spent several hours tweaking the settings to get the photos as I like them. 3 of them used the Removal feature, and so I had to save those separately, closing them on return. The other 22 did not use Removal. I tried bulk saving them. It hung up on the first one for several hours, stuck on processing (full progress bar). I paused and closed processing, and repeatedly tried restarting bulk save or saving individual images (trying any and all of them). At this point, not a single image will save. I tried changing settings and saving individually (different photos, not the same one), different export formats. Not matter what I do, it hangs on processing any of the photos (progress bar runs to full and then just stops). Logs available if needed. I really do not want to have to spend hours repeating what I already did. So hoping there’s a solution that doesn’t involve quitting the app.

Just shut the Photo AI program down - let sit for a minute, then open again. That’s how I have worked around this issue on Windows 11 PC.

Seems a bug in 2.3.2 as that is what I have and issues started with hanging while processing.

Tried that. Photos did not reopen, all edits and parameter settings lost.

Shutting it down fixed it, but I lost all my time spent editing masks and such–the program isn’t perfect and I get a lot of artifacts which I need to mask out.

But then it hung it again the next day. So shutting down was only a temporary fix.

Topaz really should allow for saving an editing session. Copying and pasting parameters between photos would be helpful, too.

Same issue here. I don’t usually do batch processing since I get better results adjusting each photo individually.

Autopilot starts immediately upon import but runs excruciatingly slowly. I can’t change any settings until processing is done and anytime I try to change anything I have to wait another 30-60 seconds, and I’m on an M1 Max system with 64gb of unified memory. It’s not limited to processing either – even opening the preferences pane runs incredibly slowly.

I believe the issue started on my system with Photo AI 2.3.0 or 2.3.1; I have fully deleted and reinstalled the application a couple of times to no avail. The one piece of good news is that it seems to be contained within Photo AI and doesn’t appear to affect the rest of the system’s resources, even graphic-heavy ones like Google Earth and Adobe products.

I’m on a top of the line M3 Max Macbook Pro, fully loaded out, and have the same exact issues. I spent the money on this software because it was consistantly described as the best (and when it does work correctly, it’s great), but if I can’t batch process even just upscaling, it’s useless.

Yes, the curse of the spinning globe. I am having the same issue. I’m simply trying to do the basic noise reduction, some minor sharpening and it gets hung up on autopilot and nothing will fix it. I’ve restarted, tried to reset my preferences to manually guide it through, but it hangs up happily spinning away. I’m hoping there is an answer to this - up until now, it’s worked beautifully.

Strange you are having this issue. I just ran 5 low-res JPGs on autopilot and they all upscaled correctly, one with face recognition as well. I am on an M1 Mac mini 16GB.

Yes, it is strange, but is occurring. Maybe it doesn’t know how to play with M3 or something.

I think I have seen posts by others who have issues with M2 and M3. Have you tried rolling back to v2.3.0? Have you reported this to Support?
Just to add: I test processed a folder containing a mix of 31 high-res files, ARW, JPG and HEIC and they also went through smoothly on autopilot.

I have not rolled back. I’d rather Topaz address the issue as it appears to be a common thing going on. Currently waiting for an answer from support,

If you are still experiencing problems please reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page

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