“Stretch” feature for output resolution (SAR, Pixel Type Alternative)

Hey, I wanna request a new feature to Topaz Video AI, newer codecs are excluding the SAR metadata variable from their codecs and focusing on Square Pixel, I was wondering if you guys could make a alternative mode for custom resolution introducing stretch, not every codec has the support for SAR and can make the resolution 720x480 down to 640x480 by fixing it to square pixel

(shi I don’t wanna write more on that intro) pls just add that like I got a video wiCodec that dosent SAR and I thought topaz is gonna figure out the fixed aspect ratio , doing it’s magic bye., btw writing from a mobile device on this forum is kinda az cuz I can’t see what I’m typing rn

VAI has already conversion to Square pixel option, no matter what codec you will export it.

The future and present are in square pixels. One of the main uses of TVAI is to convert videos into more modern formats.

Since you’re requesting this, you are probably not the type of person that loves to modify ffmpeg commands. If you were, though, the functionality is already built in to TVAI.

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Noooo, if the input codec dosent have SAR and was supposed to there it needs to be reencoded for native use but topaz dosent like re encoding cuz of compression and storage, I’m talking about input and the output resolution offering stretch mode