Strength slider for Face enhancement in Proteus & Iris

It would be great to have a way to adjust or even turn off face enhancement in Proteus/Iris (all models that try to enhance faces). I mostly use Video AI to clean up poor quality video and the face enhancement powers of the latest versions are way too strong - it puts sharp eyes, mouths, and noses onto the people which doesn’t match the rest of the video. Everything else looks great and cleans up as well as can be expected, but those weird, pasted-on faces ruin the output.

I even had one video where it put a face on a shirtless guy’s torso! That was a one time thing, although, it does show that face recognition can have errors which would make being able to turn it off be desirable.

I can get Proteus to leave faces alone. Face enhancement is the main function of Iris, so turning it off seems like a the wrong way to use it. Like trying to drive a car over the water, instead of using a boat.