Street Concert

Processed with Topaz Clean - sometimes I think this cool plugin is a little neglected…


Nice effect.

Nice work Ken …were they any good?

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @jsleter and @BobKramer!

I thought they played very well, they described their music as ranging from acoustic ballads to bluegrass…

Great choice of PP, hard to see the effects in the smaller version, but Wow in the much larger image.

I agree with @jack1dalton… I really like how it gave it a cartoon style look when seen at the large size. I’ve been viewing some smudge painting videos ( also called cartoon styling) and this has a very similar look… well done with just using Clean. I’ll have to look into using this to try to get that style on some image testing. Was it using just one of the standard presets or one you modified?

yes I agree a neglected (and by me ) plugin

Thank you very much for the extremely nice comments, @jack1dalton, @cre8art and @el48tel!

I did start with a standard preset, John, but I will have to look and see if I can find which one I used. One of the things I like about Clean is that there are enough controls to give you a lot of variety but not so many controls that it is overwhelming…

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Ken, I have used Clean a lot. I must admit, not recently. But I do know it well, and you have done a super job here.