Strange texture in Denoise AI Low Light mode

Strange color texture in Low Light mode. Especially the parts with higher brightness and less noise
Denoise v2.3.1, PS 21.2.3 and affinity photo 1.8.5
cpu:10710U gpu:5700XT

It looks like it’s adding chromatic aberration. Does it only do this in low light mode? That mode targets color noise, and if there really isn’t any it may be overcompensating and adding in the inverse.

My other thought is that it looks more blurred than I’m used to seeing. Does it give the same result using the CPU and the GPU? I’ve had to switch mine to using the CPU for some images to get the best result, even if it is slower.

  1. Yes, only in low light mode (maybe problem is on AI model)
  2. Both CPU (with intel openvino or without) and GPU result same texture.
    Textures also exist in dark areas…but the background is more complicated, they are not so obvious

What I think I am seeing is blue colour fringing around the trees, probably caused by the fact that the sky is blown out. This is common with JPGs especially. You may need to fix it before you send it to DeNoise AI.

There is fringing there in the original on the left also?

Not caused by JPG file, the workflow is RAW file-ACR/affinity develop mode (both with color noise reduction)-Denoise AI
I defringed the raw file but not work to texture on sky part.(fringing on trees reduced)

I defringed the raw file, fringing on trees reduced a lot but the sky part still has texture.