Strange objects with Asian faces on Remove Anything

When I try to remove a single spot, position pointer (click once, select remove) strange objects show up after processing…Asian faces, bacteria-like images. Screen shot is attached as example

Steps to reproduce issue:

resize selection tool
position brush and click (do not actually brush, just click a single point)
select “remove”

After processing an image appears showing Asian faces or bacreia-like image.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.3.2] on [

2024-02-26-00-43-51.tzlog (887.6 KB)

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Maybe you should show the settings you are using, of course you have seen the documentation?

I followed the instructions on the Support page and sent everything asked.
As far as settings I was using the beta Remove panel,
masking options=regular brush,
brush type=add
mask control =restore,
padding = normal,
guidance= erase area,

Just tried again and same thing but getting different objects or patterns.

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I may be wrong, but I don’t think the remove tool is designed for spot removal. Your basic editing programme should do that better.
Don’t forget also that it is still in beta and it is certainly the case that removing an object sometimes replaces it with another, rather than just filling in the background. I have had a bicycle turn into a car (and one that looks totally computer-generated) and this could only be resolved by running remove a second time.
Topaz’s stated aim is that all its AI tools should be there to make photos continue to look natural, so I am hoping this will be resolved as the software develops further.

Not having seen this issue addressed anywhere else on the forums my intent in posting this question/comment was to inform the developer of the issue. I fully understand this is a beta feature.

I do use my primary editing app, Affinity Photo, for such tasks as spot removal. I wanted to see how Photo AI handled it.

Thanks for your comment.

Good point. The devs don’t always monitor the forums. You can send them the file for training

If you are still experiencing problems please reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page

Yes, I’m still experiencing issues. This time a pot was placed in the spot I was trying to remove.

And the results are 60/40 good bad on denoise and sharpen. It’s not what the stand-alone packages were. The times it works is good but often looks overworked and fake-ish.

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