Strange artifacts at 1/3 gridlines on Adjust AI

I’m new using Adjust AI on a trial basis and like some of the images I’m getting, but have also found a strange grid artifact created on many of the images I work on at the 3rd lines. Has anyone else had this appear? I’m editing through Capture One using TIFF files. Some didn’t show this, and some presets didn’t show it, whereas others did. Here’s an example:

Before buying the full version, I want to be sure I’ll gain full functionality without some of the presets ruining images.

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I’m confused by your use of the term gain. You won’t gain anything. The licensed version won’t work any different than the trial version.

I believe it is a known issue but I would suggest that you raise a support request at the Topaz Labs web site and supply a copy of the image so the engineers can isolate the issue.

It has also been noted on the Adjust AI page on Facebook.

Sorry, I didn’t mean I’d gain full functionality by purchasing the license. I meant I wanted to be sure it was resolvable before I invest $80 in it. If only a small number of the presets will ultimately work for the type of images I shoot, then I would not purchase the license.

I will raise the support request with Topaz Labs, as Don suggests. Thanks.

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@MikeyF I have Adjust AI and have used it. Before making a decision on the purchase, try Aurora HDR by Skylum to see which you like best.