Straight line artifacts and unprocessed areas

When processing a .jpg file using autopilot settings and launching from Lightroom Classic using " Edit a copy with Lightroom Adjustments" results in the straight line artifacts and unprocessed areas as in P1030700-Bug attached. If the “Remove Noise” option is switched off, or switched from the autopilot setting of “Normal” to “Strong”, the problem goes away. The problem also goes away when
when a copy of the original file is edited, without Lightroom adjustments.
Interestingly, the areas that were processed in the bug version show possibly the best results of all the options I have tried!
Steps to reproduce issue:
1 Open original file in Lightroom Classic Release 12.3
2 Apply Auto White Balance and Auto Development Settings
3 Right click on photo and select Edit In\Topaz Photo AI
4 Select “Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments”
5 View results in Topaz AI using Autopilot settings

Topaz Photo AI v1.3.1 on Windows

DxDiag.txt (163.7 KB)
2023-04-27-08-03-19.tzlog (558.7 KB)

Hi Peter,

Thanks for describing your workflow and attaching the screenshots.

This artifact is usually due to an bugged graphics card. You can use this link to update it and see if that changes the behavior.

In general, we recommend processing in Topaz Photo AI before making edits in other image editors.

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