Still having issues with JPEG2RAW, no update in sight

Hi all.

I’ve had a ticket open for a year regarding the streaky vertical lines in JPEG2RAW.

The issue has been acknowledged by Support. Last year, Emily Dworkin stated that an update was planned ‘in the new year’.

We’re rapidly approaching a year since the last update, a simple metadata patch. In fact, there hasn’t been a single functionality update or model improvement to JPEG2RAW since 5/23/2019. That means this bug has been present for at least 14 months despite having an acknowledged issue.

There was a beta in November of last year, but there was never an official update released.

Is this product abandoned, or when can we expect an update?


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I don’t believe it has been abandoned just, as Studio is, waiting for resources.

Do you mean a cash injection?

No, resources to do the work.

Studio have been also put in ice, just like JPEG2RAW? Because I love the idea behind the program but have same issue with vertical lines as posted here.

Okay. I appreciate the reply, but I’m disappointed.

I don’t think it’s a good business model to sell products at that price-point if you’re not going to support them. You’ve left a an unpatched bug in JPEG2RAW for over a year that makes it pretty much unusable because it destroys the images with these streaky artifacts.

I’ve had suggestions that I should use DeNoise AI to clear up these artifacts. But oftentimes the amount of denoising required ruins the photos. Nevermind the fact that I shouldn’t need to buy another product to supplement the one I already paid for. I do own all of the Topaz AI products but not everybody does or will.

There was a beta in November that never got a release. What happened? Similarly, the support staff (when I opened my ticket) gave the impression that there would be an update in the new year. We’re seven months past the New Year and only now am I being told that Topaz Labs has decided to focus on other projects and we won’t be getting an update to JPEG2RAW for the foreseeable future (or until resources become available).

I bought the product to work on a lot of older digital images. I continue to wait for a non-destructive product that works as advertised.

Thanks anyway.

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You can download the last, from the November beta testing, version released from the download page on the main website.

They version is v2.2.1 and was released Nov 27, 2019.

Also please note this is a user to user forum and the ops here are not Topaz employees. For direct support you need to raise a support request at the main website.