Sticky Menus Please

When I use products such as AI Gigapixel I almost always use the same settings from one session to another. For example, I always process my files as TIF and convert the output to ARgb. I also turn noise reduction and sharpening off.

Couldn’t you make the menus on your products “sticky” or give us an option in the preferences menus to change the defaults?

This would improve user’s workflow


Richard Nadeau

Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. This existed in earlier versions, but now that it reverts to default for every single image makes for a clunky workflow.

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Thanks Johnny. Hope Topaz is listening.

Good suggestion. Also maybe a reminder that you are not using the defaults.

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I raised a support ticket with Topaz. They told me an update is coming soon that will resolve this issue.

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Appreciate your forward thinking. Now we just have to wait for the update