Steam Train Sunday ... รถไฟไอน้ำ

Steam Train Sunday @ Roma Street, Brisbane
EOS M50, EF-M 15-45 f/3.5-6.3 IS STM, JPEG OOC Edited


Fabulous! Please forgive the stupid question- but how did yo manage to get everything in focus?

Probably a small aperture does that…

Thanks for your comments, just a matter of understanding the mechanics of DOF (Depth of Field) and POF (Plane of Field). In this case it was shot at a 27mm focal length and at f/8 aperture so you could have been within about 3 meters of the subject and still have an infinity far limit. As this was a APS-C or crop sensor with a full frame you would have a closer near limit because of the larger sensor.

Really it is just a matter of feel (smile) the mechanics don’t really come into it as long as both the near and far points are in focus when you set the shot up.

Lots of apps out there for iOS and Android that will give you the DOF, POF and hyperfocal distance.

Nice description and tutorial here:


That’s most helpful Don, thanks ever so!

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Thanks Jack- will investigate further!

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Very nice capture!

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Very cool composition and capture …

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Simply Awesome shot. Love the way the shade frames the passenger cars.

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Great image!

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Great shot… the train really stands out from the bkgd. It’s clear, sharp and colorful.

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