Starship Troopers (1997) : Community effort for restoring a masterpiece

Dear community

In order to save time to a final cut of the edge result, I share my result hopping others will work also on this masterpiece of cinema that never has been restored or remastered.

To be clear, if I am against the rules, doing this in my country is legal. I own the original and I am not going to share illegaly the output result : only parameters for other owners/workers on it.
Professional will get their release but our shared efforts may lead us to as good result and them before everybody. (like SW4 Despecialized Edition)

My first pass intended to remove the omnipresent grain throughout the film and occasionally in certain scenes.

  1. Source Blu Ray (2017 14th of August), Dolby Vision, original theater movie.

  2. Working scene (allmost of all the faults are grouped in this scene)
    00:02:48;00 to 00:12:30;00
    Frame test : 00:02:54;00

  3. Models used

  • Nyx - HQ Denoise
    Reduce noise : 60
    Reduce grain : 80
    Fix compression : 20
    Sharpen : 40
    Dehalo : 10
    Anti-alias-deblur : 20
    Add noise : 0 (of course)
    Recover detail : 20

  • Theia - Details/Fidelity
    Intermediate : Auto
    Model preference : Fine Tune Fidelity
    Fix compression : 20
    Sharpen : 10
    Reduce noise : 60
    Add noise : 0

Output :
H265 / Main10 / Dynamic / copy / mkv
Birate : 69.7 Mbps
(Played on Nvidia Shield PRO, 3m wide screen VDPed)

→ To me, to much of a parameter withou knowing which one. Texture faces look rather cartoon than movie, but only in insane plans.
→ Denoising is simply awesome with some rare artifacts, but the ton of grain removed is awesome.
→ Some faces models may help retexturing it that are too much denoised.
→ Some scene may need motion compensation, that was originaly very disturbing (00:05:16;09 to 00:05:21;16)

On the way for a second try with :

  • Nyx
    “Estimated” parameters

  • Artemis
    Recover detail : 20


I tried this once but the source file was in a too low quality still. Can you offer the source file so that I might process it with your settings? MakeMKV can extract Bluray discs.

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If i do such, this become illegal. You can buy for very buck thsi release on Amazon.
(If youre “satisfied” you retun it :wink: )

Get the 1080p standard edition., File should le 70 GB

isn’t the Reduce noise parameters are to aggressive? you run them twice with a value of 60?

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Maybe you should try Nyx fast - it doesn’t create a that “cartoony” look as the normal Nyx, also less over-sharpening.

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Thank your for your advices !
Sure DNR has be pushed too much, I did again some tries, and as of some you said, I should me cooler and may do the job in several passes.

You both are right I think, gonna follow this way.

See you soon with improvmenst / updates :slight_smile:

Word of caution: Even though they renamed it for Nyx, it still should be named ‘Improve Detail’. It does the same that that it does in Proteus.

Dont know what you mean by “… masterpiece of cinema that never has been restored or remastered.”

I mean there is an 4k UHD Release.


Indeed, it’s in my hand, but the quality is horrible. There’s tons of grain. Only CG plans are almost good

I want to denoise, passively, sharpen it and may be fram interppolate on some scenes