a video

Original capture

A little more natural

Two presets: fungi filter and UW cave dive


Two different effects, my preference with this image would be for the second effect.

I like both results and thanks for the video.
While watching the vid I noticed that you did not have to create 2 images layers to do the masking to apply some of the image from the other image? I was under the impression that you had to create 2 image layers to do this with masking? Can you clarify this a little more?

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John, I am not really sure what you are asking. It is possible to add an image layer at any stage and use the mask for that adjustment and expose what was created from all the adjustments above it.

I noticed in the video that you only dragged one image to an Image layer and was able to mask on that one image layer to reveal parts of another image… which I am assuming was one of the Applied results in the bottom panel?


I believe so.

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Very nice , like the colors added to the first image and the edit .

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Incredible looking creatures…i like your PP on this one.

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