Star Effects in the new Topaz Art Studio

Will the “Star Effects” plugin be supported in Studio 2? It’s still a very valuable plugin that I use frequently, and it’s originally how I discovered Topaz Labs years ago. Be a shame if it was kicked to the curb, but I would settle for an updated version if that’s in the works.


I believe the announcement stated that plugin support wont be in the initial release but in subsequent releases. You can still use Studio which supporte Star Effects.

Thanks for the reply and I understand that additions will be added later. What I really want to know is, “IF” Star Effects will be a part of future updates, hopefully someone from the DEV Team can answer this. It would be silly to keep the original Studio installed just to use one pluggin… for the here and now yes, but not long term. Thanks in advance.

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I - like you - hope all the Topaz plugins will be added, per the product roadmap that Russell published. I like Star Effects and use it regularly in different photo processing contexts.

I’m not a digital artiste. I take and process photos and use filters and digital ‘tools’ to try to make it look like I’m some kind of photographic genius who got the end results of my photo processing straight from the camera. I’m not someone who creates digital illustrations; though I’ve seen some magnificent digital art produced using the TS products by people who are clearly talented at doing so. When I’m feeling creative, I’m known to make some composites. But it isn’t all I do - and, again, I try to make it look as though what I made is what I saw (or, felt when seeing something).