Star Effects and Photoshop CC 2018

Just upgraded to Photoshop CC 2018 (from 2017) and find Topaz Star Effects has disappeared from my filters list and won’t re-install via double clicking on tlstareffectsps_64.8BF with a message in PS that says “Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document”.
False alarm!! - fixed by running the Topaz Labs Photoshop Utility for CC 2017
No replies needed.

When I open the Plugins area inside CC2018 - I notice that there are no Topazlabs Plugins in there, but! When I open Program Files\Common Files - there is a Topazlabs folder in there - and that is where my copy of Star Effects resides - and is working well in CC2018.

I am using Windows, so this is what my file path looks like…

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Topaz Labs

Hope this helps?

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Thanks Jack. I have that file in the same place. I’ve also pinned it to Photoshop CC 2018 in the task bar. Everything is now working the way it should!!

Probably you should install the latest update from your account and it’s gonna work. Personally, I mostly use picture filter, because this tool offers a variety of options to enhance any photo to your liking. Maybe you prefer a bright and colorful photo or you’re a fan of mysterious and dark photos this software is gonna be your best helper. Its filters not only allows you total control of the main photo-editing processes like contrast, saturation, clarity and temperature, but also an array of fine-tuning options such as shadows, highlights and grain-adjustment.

Personally I’ve found the Skylum Luminar filters less robust than the ones from Topaz (& others of its competitors)… But I’m on a PC, & perhaps the Skylum options are optimized for Apple computers. Or, I’m just finicky (likely the latter…).