Stage lighting and colour approximation?

I enjoy photographing local dance shows. I have to say the lights are a nightmare! They change too much and I have no control.!

My current hope is to accept a common blue for bad pictures and otherwise bang my head on a rock… :frowning:

Example 1 - Stage light.

Example 1 - ‘managed’ blue.

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This is a second example. Links or info would be most appreciated… :slight_smile:

Managed Blue.

Can anyone recommend a learning resource for this sort of thing?.


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Firstly I would use a application that had a Levels control and remove any color cast caused by the stage lighting. Then there are applications that provide simulated ‘color filters’ or ‘photo filters’ or ‘color overlays’ that you can then use to overlay.

That sounds much less fiddly. Any product suggestions? I need it to be flattering.

I had a part-time job in a senior school where one of my duties was to photograph the school play. The changes in lighting was a nightmare. I always shot raw and at reduced exposure, around 2/3 to 1 stop, to compensate for the usually dark background caused by spotlights. Adjusting the white balance after the shoot for each individual lighting phase brought most images back to life but not all.

Download a trial of Affinity Photo and try that.