St Paul Waterfront

Here’s the context of the images in my recent posts. There’s a paved trail along the Mississippi in St Paul with many interesting photo opportunities all along it and nearby including many bridges, the Capitol, the Science Museum, heavy rail activity, grain elevators, and of course all the river activity. A fun place to have a camera.

LR with Adjust, B&W Effects, and Studio.

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Another great B&W Scott. Love the light and depth in this one.

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Nice composition

Nice leading lines …

Excellent processing!

Very nicely done Scott, as someone already stated, love the depth to this !

Thank you; I appreciate your time to look and comment!! @Laundromat @Mond @AiDon @XiaoLin @OldGuy2

Here are a couple of images from within the original taken along the trail at the river’s edge. Both processed in similar fashion.