St. Michael's Mount Mount's Bay, Cornwall, England

This was done in Topaz Studio using Brightness Contrast, Basic Adjustment, Precision Contrast doing light masking of sky and water and finished with Restyle Shades of Gray tweaking the sliders a little.
This has an interesting history you may want to read this Wikipedia description.


Nice work …

like the dramatic feel to it

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It’s an icon of Cornwall and well worth a visit

Great photo, with very nice use of BW!

The article is interesting, I would definately want to visit.

wonderful image @techman
and @Mond is quite right - it is worth a visit (and for the pasties and the jam and cream scones, and the seafood)

And cider. Don’t forget the cider. Oh, and Tarquin Gin.

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Cool image…

and don’t forget the cider!