I’m working hard to change my workflow. Photoshop CC has to go next year as the subscription has become extortionate.

LR, Affinity, Studio


Price is still $10 per month here in the US and that’s for both PS and LR.

For about $.33 a day, I don’t see how everyone does not use these tools.
Most folks spend more than that for a cup of coffee every day.

Very nice image BTW!

shame @Mond - like @Michael_DeLisio I think it’s still good value at nearly £11pcm. I don’t know how I’d manage without Lightroom – whereas Photoshop I could manage without.

As Terry said, it’s £11 a month in the UK which equates to over $14, nearly half as much again as the US. Now THAT really hacks me off.

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Delete - I should have read the others before responding

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Wish it was raining here … great edit.

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Yes - agreed.
But then that’s a common pricing structure.- and with the current $:£ exchange - that’s the bit which makes me mad

Very nice composition and I like the patterns in the water the processing created.

If you are using a mac, I don’t think there is a great replacement for photoshop yet - especially if you like Lightroom.

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