Square mosaic when Enhance Resolution/Upscale is applied

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Enhance Resolution/Upscale of a TIF photo

I raised the contrast of the attached photo so that you could see the square mosaic that is visible on a good monitor even without the high contrast. No matter what I do, it is still visible even when I do not apply Remove Noise or Sharpen but just Enhance Resolution/Upscale.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.6] on macOS Ventura [Version 13.4]

2023-05-28-09-27-49.tzlog (9.8 KB)

installed latest update 5-26-2023, started working on an image and noticed after saved, I opened in adobe 2023, that image now has tiny squares through out image.
I went back to Photo AI to see image and yes, after applied it adds squares to image…

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]
2023-05-26-03-04-38.tzlog (2.5 MB)

Troy, it looks like the app is skipping some processing. There may have been a conflict with the Mac system permissions.

Please follow the instructions below to fix this.

  1. Get a new installer from the downloads page directly. Download
  2. In MacOS System Settings > Privacy & Security > Full Disk Access, enable full disk access for Installer if it is not enabled already.
  3. Then, go to Privacy & Security > Files and Folders, enable the Downloads folder for Installer.
  4. Run the installer.

See if that changes the behavior.

@Pavel_Karizek Please upload the original image here so I can run some tests.

There isn’t enough information for me to see if it’s an image, hardware, or application conflict.


Here is the original photo in DNG directly from LUMIX S5…

Thanks for uploading that.

We’ve gotten several reports of the square mosaic artifact and we’re working on fixing it within the next 2-3 months.

We appreciate your patience!

No problem. I requested a full refund for Topaz Photo AI. When it is fixed, I will be back on board. But I am not willing to pay for something that is obviously still in its beta version…


I am back on board with Topaz Photo AI v1.3.7 and I must say that the plugin for Capture One Pro 23 works very well. The original DNG (RAW) photo from my SIGMA fp L on the left, and the edited version (noise reduction + sharpening in TPAI v1.3.7) through Capture One Pro 23 on the right. No color shift or other problems like too much smoothing of my photos. Much more details in my photos than I process TIF files!

So the only pending problem is to fix resizing/enhancing resolution without any square mosaics in photos.

Hi Tim,

I noticed that the strange square mosaic is even present in some photos when I apply just the noise reduction and sharpening. See the attached photo…

Here is the link for the original DNG file directly from my camera SIGMA fp L. You can try to apply noise reduction and see the results (square mosaic). iCloud

@Pavel_Karizek I’m glad the Capture One plugin is working smoothly for you!

Thanks for uploading the original image of the flower.
We’ll continue testing with images like that to remove the square mosaic artifacts.

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