Squall Lines

Here’s something from Friday evening. We were sitting out on the deck watching a series of squalls drift across the bay from West Seattle, all very intent on soaking the city to the north. One squall after the other.

The light kept changing due to the rolling clouds above and behind the skyline. And the light from West Seattle followed by light from the city illuminating and defining the squalls as they passed by. It was beautiful in a grey, blue grey sort of way. Embrace the greys right?

I took a dozen images over the course of an hour, one of which inspired this work.

Although the painting is a bit bluer than what I saw, I’m pleased with how it turned out. And I liked doing this fast and loose without a lot of attention to detail. Very liberating.

If you can view this on a monitor and step back away from it about 5 or 6 feet, it really pops. Or at least that’s what I see and is more in keeping with what we see from our deck when everything mushes together.


Nice work …

Are those downtown buildings or rocky areas? If buildings, maybe some windows would help but great work.