Sprinkler Fun

These kids love getting under the sprinkler at the park on a hot day!
Uploaded a 4MB+ image so you can zoom in to see their faces.

Keeping It Natural category - this was a raw image - only processing was to crop the image.


Cute capture …

Adorable kids.

Great capture! I really love their expressions.

It looked to me like the image has a blue cast. I downloaded it as a jpg and used the white balance tool in Photoshop RAW filter on one of the gray stripes on her shorts. I am not sure if these colors are closer to what you saw since you were the one who was there. Let me know what you think!

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Hey Ken, the blue surface that they stood on was giving it that cast… I had played with curves in Photoshop and had tried to remove some of the blue cast, but ultimately decided the original was closer to what I saw.
Thanks for the suggestion - I always appreciate CC.


Thanks for the reply, it is great learning what you were thinking when you were working on the image and that is one of the thing that makes this forum fun :smile: