Spring in the mountains

Capture One Pro, TS1 AI Clear, B&W


Timeless shot of the mountains. One comment; next time try and capture more foreground as the top 1/3 of the sky does not have as much drama as the darker clouds.

“next time”…?

“Alright, everyone one back to one, let’s go again! Clouds! A bit higher there on he left. Mountains? Oh come on! Where’s the snow you had last week?”

I understand your reaction John. But that’s what Topaz is for after all; to massage & mend things. :wink:

Gorgeous shot, btw. Where/when is this?

John, thanks for your comment. I had already cropped the image 16:9 but I agree with you about the top of the sky which does not add much to the image. On the other end there is not so much more foregroun d to show… Here is a second version


Thanks Mark! John is right, the crop was not good. I posted a new version with my answer to John. This shot is from 17 May 2014. We are in a sunny period at the moment but the mountains always have some kind of haze. Therefore I took an older shot. Actually in this shot from May 2014 the mountains still had more snow then today. The winter 2019/20 has been far too warm.
You see these mountains when you are around Fribourg. I took the shot from our balcony

I miss the mountains. I remember clear days going down to the beach and seeing Mount Rainier.

Used to go soaring west of Portland & very occasionally get to see 6 of the possible 7 peaks.

This has a very Ansel Adams feel to it! Granted, his skies would go virtually pitch black. But you’ve produced a nice, full-spectrum tonal range in this version and with this cropping it seems (IMO) to frame your mountains better and make them more the center of attn.

Cool. I’m always jealous of well done monochromes. I keep trying to learn and practice!
Today I’m on a “Virtual Ps Summit” - so perhaps I’ll pick up more techniques to use…! Guess who just saw a session on Curves…