What’s that? You say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well a bit of background can often provide depth.

So this totally exhausted woman just finished paddling, in an all woman’s crew, 18 miles in the Queen Lili’ulkalani Canoe Race 2011. Strong teams finish in 2.5 hours. This woman was sitting in seat three. Often referred to the Power Seats, the heavier, stronger paddlers will generally sit in either seat three or four. It is their primary task to provide the brute power required to push the canoe along – racing eighteen miles, 2.5 hours or more, in open-ocean!

While I have not participated in this particular event, I’ve done more than enough paddling to know exactly how she feels and what she is thinking. And again I will say, not too much else I’d rather be doing. But then, she may also be thinking, “Sistah, nevah, evah again, yeah?”

Topaz B&W Effects 2


very nice capture, processing, and title - you got her

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Super image. Well captured and processed.

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Very interesting story… a great capture and processing. The expression on her face fits the story about the race very well.