Spent $100 To Get Output Almost Worst Than Original Old B/W Photo, Blotchy Hair, Pixelated Clothing

Bought whole Topaz bundle in 2022 but did not get around to using it. Renewed today and got latest versions. Took an old B/W photo of my late mom and me, and ran latest Topaz Photo AI on it. While it made the faces somewhat clearer (nothing that many 99 cents apps don’t already do) but look the rest of the photo actually got significantly worse, with blotches where my hair was, and even the clothing looks like it was converted to 4 bit pixelated greyscale. Really disappointed at the quality and the money I paid. I would upload the side by side comparison screenshot but I do not think that is possible here.

Maybe downscale the photos before working with Gigapixel on it. Maybe offer an image we could try our best also. Improving Photos and Videos via Topaz applications is often not a one click thing. You need a lot of experience with this to get the best out of it.