Speed increase since v3.5.4?

I updated to the v4 series of Video AI when it first got released but wasn’t feeling the new user Interface so went back to v3.5.4.
Im running a quite outdated version now so am I missing much in terms of rendering speed?
I mainly use Proteus and Iris and use 4090/i9-1200KS and am happy with v3.5.4 but does going the v4 onwards give any extra performance?

Maybe have a quick look into the benchmarking forum? :slight_smile:

На вашей системе прирост будет минимум в два раза, за счет использования тензорных ядер. Например, прирост на 3080ti с 3-3.5 fps до 7 fps при рендере 1080>4k

But v3 also supported tensorcores… Personally I can’t see a difference in performance between the two versions. I’m forced to use v4 though to get access to protheus v4 and the new iris version. Those two alone are the killer-argument for v4, and makes me suffer through all the regressions in terms of UX that v4 brought. No choice really.

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